21 Futures - Tales From The Timechain

21 Futures

Tales from the Timechain.

The first-ever bitcoin fiction anthology.

Bitcoin Anthology

Political dissidents scramble to cross the threshold to freedom. A decades-long hunt for keys incites a change in world order. A clear-blood dares to question the oppression of noderoids. A cryo-frozen oligarch wakes into his worst nightmare. A lowly space station miner buys a planet. In this book of diverse stories planted firmly in the bitcoin-verse, reality fractures into 21 futures. Some are wonderful, others terrifying. You are not prepared.


“Before the first best-selling bitcoin novel hits shelves, before the first bitcoin blockbuster opens at your local theater—you will want to read this book” Eric Bies, Bitcoin Magazine. “21 Futures isn't just a book, it's a narrative revolution. From the tension of murder mysteries to the expanse of intergalactic dystopias, the anthology is a tapestry of transformation.” Amazon reviewer. “If you love bitcoin and you love sci-fi, this is the book for you!” Goodreads reviewer.

A project for bitcoin:

Great writing changes our minds; great stories speak to our hearts.

21 Futures seeks to spread impactful stories and break the barriers that separate worlds.

In partnership with Konsensus Network, 21 Futures is the home of bitcoin fiction.

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21 Futures: Financial Fallout — coming 2025

21 Futures - Tales From The Timechain

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